Building Self-worth and Family Bonding Through Video Games

Can you remember a time when children went outside to play because it was safe and there was so much to do? Now there are many that spend time indoors playing video games. Some would argue that this is a waste of time, and that kids should be doing other things. This was said about radio, television, and just about anything that comes around. As with all things that start new there is a lot of resistance.
Video games have managed to evolve and stand the test of time. Games are available for play with a myriad of story lines and skill levels. One such game is the Scary Maze Game which has a huge following due to its delivery of an unexpected surprise to victorious players. Video games offer so much more than just an inexpensive form of entertainment. Game participation is a great opportunity for family bonding.
Arizona State University recently completed a study that showed that family members who played video games together increased opportunities for effective family communication. Add to that the meaningful time that is spent learning about science, math, and other related life skills, and you have a successful combination. Not only does a video game environment improve problem solving skills for children and young adults, but it allows the parents a chance to be proactive in a teaching role that will hold their child’s interest.
Let us flip the scrip for a minute though. Besides the unintentional education that a child gains through video games, the child also has opportunity to become the teacher. Kids can be very intuitive and well versed on how to play the games successfully. They are able to pass along this information to their parents or other siblings and this ability gives them confidence.
Many studies about video games have focused on the negatives of game playing, but consider this. Over 3 billion hours per week is spent playing video games around the world. The games have an undeniable attraction for the younger generations, but there are also many adults who find the games to be a positive experience in their daily life. This is part of the reason that flash games have become so popular. When playing a game, the participants are able to take on a role they might not otherwise experience. 
Having the opportunity to virtually step into these other roles and achieve success at vari

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ous tasks or challenges in the game builds the self esteem of players involved. The more successes they achieve by advancing to different levels, the more confident players feel about themselves and their ability to be successful in the daily challenges of life. Popular Xbox 360 games
It is okay to set limits on the amount of time allowed for game play, and depending on the child’s age, the game format. Parents should not turn away from this bonding opportunity with their children. It may mean for some taking on a new dimension in life. Not everyone is able to just pick up a game and be a success. Most that are worth playing are going to take time to maneuver the obstacles presented. This is normal and it is part of the fun of playing the game. It can truly be a win-win situation for everyone involved. In other words, plug in and play on!

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