Answering What is C Class IP in SEO Hosting

What is C Class IP? Do you have any idea about what actually a C Class IP does to improve the PR of a site, every webmaster knows a little bit about the Class C IP Addresses. SEO Hosting depends on the type of C Class and the bandwidth as well as RAM and disk space offered to it for defining the outcome of any online business.
1. A C Class IP is the third block of an IP address and holds the vital information regarding to the site hosted upon it. The geographic location, network used and the service providers’ details can be accessed through a C Class IP.
2. C Class IPs are the most essential part of SEO and need to be at their best condition, so that they can offer the best results in SEO. Dedicated C Class IPs coming from distinct C Class block and ranges are very effective to conceal the underlying relationship between all the IPs and domains hosted over them.
3. Every domain hosted over the Class C IPs has to be organic SEO hosting qualified; i.e. the content, graphics, tags, scripts and page flow has to undergo and pass the organic SEO test. This would ensure that all the domains are able to meet SEO standards and can compete with other sites of the same niche on the web, without fearing about the search engine spiders’ angry gaze.
4. Passing the organic SEO test also makes the sites allow search spiders and visitors browse through the sites and rank them individually. These rankings are passed on to the money site through back links and the money site gets ample link values that improve the PR of it in the long run.
5. SEO Hosting servers are equally responsible to influence and alter the results of SEO practice, so care must be taken to choose an efficient server that has high bandwidth of about 98-99%. It would improve the data transfer of the websites and offer better connectivity with the server.
6. Server uptime of 99% and above is very helpful for better performance of the C Class IPs as well as the websites hosted over them. Server uptime allows the sites to have faster connectivity and quick loading of the websites, allowing better access to search engine spiders&

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rsquo; and visitors so that the spiders can offer better ranks to them.
7. WHM control panels are provided to each client who buy Dedicated or VPS services; as there is no better way to manage and control the multiple accounts having unlimited domains, sub-domains, databases, FTP and unlimited email accounts with a single login ID.

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