Bike Riding Can Damage Penis Health – What You Need To Know Before Your Next Bike Ride – May Save Yo

You may have heard rumors about the potentially damaging effects bike riding can have on the penis and penis health. Well, it’s more than just rumors. According to recent research conducted by the Center for Disease Control the shape of most bicycle seats can put additional pressure on the male perineum and this can restrict penis blood flow which ultimately results in numbness and Erectile Dysfunction.

The perineum, in men, is a diamond shaped region between the anus and the base of the penis. The perineum is an erogenous zone in both men and women, but for men, it serves as the hub for penis blood flow and penis nerve endings.

Bike Riders Complain of Erectile Dysfunction
According to recent studies by Richard Weil, MEd, CDE for
“a study of perineal compression and blood flow to the penis in male cyclists showed that penile blood supply decreased significantly in 70% of the 40 cyclists who participated in the study. Numbness in the genital area was reported by 61% of the cyclists, and 19% of the cyclists who rode their bikes more than 250 miles per week complained of erectile dysfunction.”

Is a Recumbent Bicycle the Way to Go ?
In a similar article, published at, writers noted that “This pressure can harm nerves and temporarily impede blood flow, causing tingling or numbness in the penis and, eventually, erectile dysfunction. However, one study showed that while a conventional bicycle caused a dramatic (though temporary) drop in oxygen supply to the penis, a recumbent bicycle did not.” This reinforces the necessity of caring for the blood flow and health of your penis by increasing your awareness of the potential sexual health hazards of riding a bicycle.

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Steps to Prevent Penis Injury
There are potential solutions and preventative measures that can be taken. Adjusting the handlebars and seat height can help improve posture, which will reduce the amount of pressure put on the perineum. Padded seats, alternative seat shapes can also help prevent loss of penile sensation and damage to the perineum. You may also want to consider wearing padded shorts and limiting the overall amount of time that you spend riding. Taking frequent breaks is one way to ensure that blood is flowing easily through the veins in and around the penis.

Penis Specific Vitamins and Minerals to Protect Penis Health
Penis health can also be promoted by using penis specific vitamins which are essential vitamins and minerals to specifically help increase blood flow to the penis and provide overall penis health. One example is L-Arginine, an enzyme that increases blood flow to the perineum and penis and also benefits blood vessels and capillaries. Vitamins A and B are known to help increase blood flow, and, in some cases vitamin E can be used to help treat penis skin issues. Use a penis specific crème (Man1 Man Oil is often recommended) so penis specific vitamins and minerals are applied directly to penis and perineum to achieve maximum benefit.


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