*** 5 Feng Shui House Types! Which Are You Living In?

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Feng Shui is a Chinese environmental science that is as complex and personalized as Acupuncture. Classical Feng Shui’s ancient calculations use a building’s exact compass orientation along with its date of construction to determine its unique energy blueprint. These repeatable energy patterns have predictable consequences on the building’s occupants.
4 House Types in Classical Feng Shui… The best House Type is ‘Wang Shan Wang Shui’ in Chinese, which literally means good for mountain and good for water. In Feng Shui what is good for mountain is good for people (health & relationships) and what is good for water is good for money (finances & career). Therefore a ‘Wang Shan Wang Shui’ building is most desirable because it is good for people and good for money.
The other three types of buildings are only good for people, only good for money or bad for both. When a building is only good for money, occupants have trouble with health and/or relationship matters. Occupants of buildings that are only good for people experience career and financial troubles, which is worse if it is a business location. The worst is a building that is bad for both people and money because you feel like you are swimming upstream in all aspects of your life. When the proper elemental remedies are placed correctly outside the building these negative influences become neutralized.
5th House Type is a ‘LOCKED’ House… Any of the original 4 House Types will become a Locked House, from time to time unless they have the necessary elemental remedy to prevent it. Many Chinese refer to a Locked House as an Imprisoned House, because when you are imprisoned your movements are restricted. A building can be Locked on either People or Money… or in rare cases Locked on both.
When a house is Locked on Money the flow of money to the occupants is restricts. Occupants of a building that is Locked on People will experience continuing health and relationship problems. It is very difficult to conceive in a house with a People Lock. A business in a building with a People Lock will have difficulty keeping employees and attracting new customers.
Timing is Everything… Classical Feng Shui utilizes the Chinese SOLAR calendar, which starts on the 4th or 5th of February each year (the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox). All buildings experience Annual Locks and 20 year Construction Cycle Locks. Most families and businesses can survive an Annual Lock; however it is very difficult to survive a 20 year Lock.
Millions of buildings became UN-locked on February 4, 2004 when the last 20 year Construction Cycle ended and our current Construction Cycle began. Unfortunately, that means that millions of other buildings began a 20 year People or Money Lock and are now feeling the consequences.
This explains why entire neighborhoods have begun to improve, while others have begun to decline. It also explains money, health or relationship troubles that occur in a cyclical pattern when you occupy the same building for decades. When you are aware that your building experiencing a Lock or approaching a Locked phase you can implement the required remedy to release or prevent the Lock’s negative affects entirely, because just like any regular lock there’s no in-between… a lock is either locked or unlocked.

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